Super Digestion Moose


A simple mobile game about a pooping moose.

  • Hyper-casual endless scroller.

  • Feed the moose fruit and vegetables.

  • Avoid starvation and laxatives.

  • Download for Android or iOS.

Tap to Dive

A simple and polished tilt-and-tap mobile game.

  • Hyper-casual endless diving.

  • Dive as deep as you can.

  • Compete on leaderboards.

  • Unlock new characters and locations.

  • Download for Android or iOS.

Quixel Mixer

A layer based texturing tool leveraging Quixel Megascans and procedural masking. At Quixel I did the feature design and UX, as well as a lot of the shaders and techniques used for image manipulation.

Read more, or get it for free at the Quixel Mixer page.